— Ike

CSP: Skype

Date Created

August 26, 2012








Ike, Evan, AA, Loocas, Raymond, KC, Pommy, Gravemind, Justin, Tibbers, Jordan

CoffeeSwimmingPool: Skype is of course, the Skype conversation of the same name. It consists of the moderators of the CSP group, and currently is the crackiest faction of CSP, with many of the inside jokes originating there.


CSP: Skype started out with Loocas , Pommy, and Tibbers as a permanent conversation about escapades through Wonderland Online, and it developed from there. With time, KC was added, and it became more of a general conversation group.

As CSP grew more, more and more people were added to the group, until it was finally flat out named CoffeeSwimmingPool , taking after the Xat chat and thus carrying on the legacy. It started the race of the factions, bringing to the table the very concept.

After AA , Ike, and Gravemind began spam adding random people to the conversation, Pommy got fed up and left the conversation. Ike brings up remaking it, and so they later do, as of August 26, 2012. People stopped adding random users, and the current Skype conversation is that very one. It has yet to disband.


  • The first user in CSP: Skype was Pommy. Tibbers was second, and Loocas was third.
  • The conversation pictures and topics change almost daily.
  • Evan and Raymond 's mothers are known to interrupt during the group's calls.