General Rules

0. Cultist is exempt from all rules.

1. Do NOT ask to be a higher rank.

2. If the chat is in a roleplay, join or TAKE IT TO PC. If in a 1x1 roleplay, take that to PC instead and use main as "Out of Character".

3. Two smilies in your screen name, tops.

4. Don't be a faggot and blatantly ruin other's fun.

5. Do not member anyone who hasn't said anything (Ike will do this anyways), likewise, do not mod anyone who isn't a MOTHER roleplayer.

6. Don't spam, we'll just ban you and give 0 fucks.

Roleplay Rules

1. Godmodding is allowed only when a mod declares it.

2. Don't be a faggot and blatantly ruin other's fun.

3. Don't ignore others in a roleplay, and try not to "auto hit".

4. If a character has been reserved, you can only play them in 1x1 roleplays.

5. No Mary Sues / perfect characters allowed. This means, no mind-reading billionaire werewolf vampire dragon humans who can transform in to anything and has skin as hard as diamond, super speed, super strength, and "good looking".

6. The roleplayers are allowed to ship everyone and everything and we *do*. Please don't bitch and moan about it, just leave if it bugs you.


○Staff List

•Main Owners

Pommy ♀


Ike ♂

AA ♂

Raymond ♂

Insane Cultist ♂

Ultimate Nintendo ♂

Delta ♂


Blueberry Syrup ♂

Evan ♂

Tubbz ♂

Andre ♀/♂

•Notable Members

Nikka ♀

Dolan ♂

Kirby ♂

These people do NOT always go by these names. Example: Pommy may be "Fuel" sometimes, and Ike may be "Flint".