"Mazi! Aio den sora mento?"
— Ethius


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Ethius Helimni is a CSP-exclusive character, an OC of Pommy's who originated as the inhabitant of a completely different planet, Horizani. He's known for his incessant shyness and lying completely about who he loves.


Ethius is an eleven year-old citizen of Horizani, and he's actually among the typical appearance of said citizens. Many Horizanians have orange/red hair and green eyes, though for some reason he ended up with a purple one too.

Ethius is shy to an outrageous extent, denying most, if not all compliments. He can't be dishonest for long, though. Ask him the same question over and over and he will eventually give you the honest answer-- his bot reflects this if you ask him who he loves enough times.

He enjoys singing, and loves hearing people sing no matter their skill level. He will listen to almost any music, and compliment at least one aspect of it. He means every word he says when he's talking about music. If you talk to him long enough, he will eventually ask you to sing, and it doesn't matter which language you sing in. He himself has a very high pitched singing voice, but it sounds notably angelic. He's amphivoiced.

Having a notable Horizanian feature, his birthtrace is Equindayo, the Birthtrace of Light. This basically determines his entire personality, and it also gives him strange powers that he absolutely loves to use-- which is great, because they are powers that benefit everyone. They can cause people to be honest or generally heal them.

He's also very calm usually, rarely losing his temper. Until...

Rozendetra EthiusEdit

A year after Ethius turned 11, he was kidnapped by the Producers. He became one of the downgraded Vocaloids, an UTAU.

Rozendetra Ethius Helimni is the name of this UTAU. Rozendetra is not part of his name, but a category, written in Horizanian. It literally translates to "trapped sound".

When he arrived at the mansion, he became victim of the frequent Vocaloid phenomenon known as "over-sexualization of young boys", so frequently used by the Producers to add appeal to characters who "aren't cute enough". He positively hated this, his modest nature causing him to be frequently uncomfortable. Understandable-- they split his sweater's sleeves into arm warmers instead, exposing his shoulders, and gave him a more girly haircut.

To contrast this, he tried to be more outgoing. This did not go well for him, as he started getting rather angry with himself when he couldn't do things his shyness prevented him to, so he became rather snarky, because he got used to telling himself such things.

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