"Can it, shank."
— Gates


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Tyler Chase, Leslie Sears (Pre-Glade)


Blue (Fence-In)

Gates (Audrey Chase) is a CSP exclusive character, an OC of Pommy's based on the first book in the Maze Runner trilogy. He's known for his background in a place called the Glade. He has many bandages and scars, and he pulled a job as a Med-jack.


Gates was introduced as a generally mean character, which proved only to be the fault of his suspicion of everyone in Tazmily. He suspects everyone to be a part of some big conspiracy against him, at least until he meets Duster , who assures him they're only trying to help.

He explained a little more than he should have about his home, the Glade, to Duster. However, Duster makes a bit of a promise to help him get back. Duster, Celica, Blue, and Claus are among the only people he trusts fully, even taking the time to get to know them.

He's upbeat and snarky, yet generally naive about the simplest of things, such as taking a bath. This is solely because of the limits of the Glade. He wakes up with the chickens, gets bored if he's not working, and if someone appears hurt, he gets antsy if he can't help.


  • He has an IQ of 170, despite being somewhat dense.
  • He's only met two girls. Coincidentally, both happen to be princesses with powers and pink hair.
  • His terminology is horribly confusing. Just to break it down, "shank" means "person", and "shuck" is your general swear word.
  • He didn't know Duster's name until after a two hour conversation with him, simply referring to him as "shank" the entire time. Duster views it as a bit of a nickname.
  • His various scars all have outside causes, the gauze on his cheek masking a burn from Blue, his arm from a particularly nasty Griever attack, and his foot from an accident with Grief Serum.
  • He only carries sunglasses around because Blue says they're "sugoi".
  • Keeping with the above, his canon ship is Fence-In, pairing him with Blue.
  • He honestly doesn't care about dying.
  • He carries scalpels, bandages, a shirt, a few vials of Grief Serum, an insanely fluffy white blanket, and a few sandwiches in his backpack.
  • He has actually been confirmed to be a permanent character.
  • A la Maze Runner canon, his real name isn't Gates. Before he was placed in the Glade, his name had been Audrey Chase. Following his last name would lead to a triple crossover.
  • He shares Duster's incessant love for Cheese.
  • He will eat whatever he's given and sleep wherever available.
  • One of his pet peeves happens to be the monthly occurence of "random shanks gettin' caught up in the barbed wire fence... upside down." in the Glade.
  • His HP, Offense, Defense, and Speed are all abysmal, yet his IQ is off the charts.